Arizona Republic: Clean Elections are Vital

Letter to the Editor by Barbara Sherman

Thank you for your editorial Friday, “Stop playing with system.”

As you point out, “the system frees candidates to spend time convincing voters of their adequacy as opposed to clocking hours raising funds.”

Thus, it is a public good. Our democracy is being corrupted by the dollars that go into campaigns. Voters approved Arizona’s Clean Election system.

I support your call for critics “to stop playing games.” The attempt to force voters to make a false choice between Clean Elections and education is pernicious (House Concurrent Resolution 2026).

House Bill 2593 is being moved forward without public debate and raises contributions from $5 to $5,000. Thus, it inserts large campaign contributions and quid pro quos back into the election process.

Such efforts show great disdain for the public and for democracy.

Thank you again for calling the games what they are.

- Barbara Sherman, Tempe

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