Arizona Advocacy Network's Ballot Measure Guide Helps Voters Make Informed Choices


PHOENIX, AZ—The Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation (AzANF) has published a comprehensive guide to measures on the 2010 ballot and they are taking it on the road.  “Propositioning Arizona: A Review of 2010 Statewide Ballot Measures” is a non-partisan guide designed to give voters the information they need to make informed decisions by providing them with a description of and background for each measure, supporting and opposing arguments, lists of supporters and opponents and perhaps most telling, lists of the amounts of money various individuals and organizations have donated to support or oppose each measure.  As they did in 2004, 2006 and 2008 AzANF is also offering presentations on the measures to groups all over the state.

With ten measures on the ballot, those that enter the voting booth without having educated themselves on each measure will face a daunting task.  “Some of the ad campaigns for this year’s ballot measures are terribly deceptive,” said Linda Brown, executive director of the Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation.  “If you vote based on a slogan or advertisement you risk voting in favor of a policy you really oppose.  We want voters to understand each measure so that they can cast votes that are congruent with their values.”  

Groups interested in having AzANF deliver a presentation on the measures should call the Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation office at 602-297-2500 or email them at   Anyone attending a presentation will receive a copy of the eight-page guide.  Voters may also download a PDF version at