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Jeffrey B. Guldner

President & CEO

Arizona Public Service

Mr. Guldner,

Congratulations on your promotion to the top position at Arizona’s largest public utility company. Your new role comes with tremendous ability to impact the daily lives of millions of Arizonans, and therefore comes with immense responsibility. APS customers and all Arizona voters will be looking to you to rebuild a relationship of trust between APS and the people of this state.

For years, APS was among the most trusted institutions in Arizona. As you are aware, that is no longer the case. Public trust in your company has eroded significantly due to aggressive efforts by your predecessor to use the company's financial power to influence elections. A change of leadership is a first step, but the next critical step is to commit that APS will no longer use its massive profits to influence elections.

Your predecessor, Don Brandt, oversaw a reckless crusade to amass political power for APS. This was especially true regarding the Arizona Corporation Commission, which was created by our state’s founders to be an independent agency that protects consumers and holds regulated utilities accountable for their actions. Brandt’s crusade was funded by an estimated $130 million taken from APS customers, and served to enrich APS shareholders and executives, including Brandt himself. 

Your customers have the right to know that their monthly electric bills are going to maintain reliable service, not to buy the loyalty of elected officials. Arizona voters deserve to expect that the elected officials setting utility policies, including the rates they have to pay, will look out for all Arizonans, without fear that APS will spend millions to defeat them should they vote against APS’ interests. 

Mr. Guldner, we call on you to stop all APS spending on elections - including through your parent company Pinnacle West or other outside groups - under your leadership. 

You can take action today by committing to stop all spending on elections. 

You have the opportunity to start the process of rebuilding trust. We hope you will take that opportunity. 


APS Customers & Arizona Voters

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