Another Victory for Clean Elections Supporters


Another Victory for Clean Elections Supporters
Judge dismisses lawsuit, upholds individual and groups’ First Amendment rights.

PHOENIX, AZ.  Today, in a sweeping decision for supporters of Arizona’s voter approved anti-corruption law, the Citizen’s Clean Elections Act, Judge Mark Brian dismissed a frivolous lawsuit represented by the Goldwater Institute.  All of their claims against the Clean Elections Commission were discredited.

Judge Brian states in his order that “the Court is unaware of any other situation in which a person or entity has sought to preclude a government commission from communicating with the citizenry—that’s not how government works.” The Goldwater Institute requested the court prohibit Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation and Clean Elections supporters from communicating with the agency that enforces the Act while allowing opponents of this anti-corruption law continued access to lobby against it.

 “The most egregious request in this lawsuit, from our perspective, is Goldwater Institute’s attack on our First Amendment rights,” said Sam Wercinski of Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation.  “Their request was unprecedented and clearly unconstitutional.”

In October 2011, Wercinski and AZAN Foundation successfully won a court decision in which the Goldwater Institute represented opponents of Clean Elections also. AZAN Foundation’s victory removed an unconstitutional referendum from the 2012 ballot which the legislature had passed to deceptively weaken the Clean Elections law and prohibit a voter supported system that allows candidates to qualify and run with public funding rather than soliciting campaign cash from special interest groups and private donors.

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