Action Alert: SB1261

Ask Senate Election Committee to hold SB 1261 

Bill creates unnecessary barriers for Permanent Early Voters, and creates bureaucracy and wasteful spending.
SB 1261 will be voted on by the Senate Elections Committee TODAY, February 5, 2013 at 2:00pm.The county recorders and other government organizations say voters need to be removed from the PEVL if they don't use their mail ballot every time. That's simply wrong! Take ACTION to protect Arizonans' right to vote by mail.
1. Make a comment against the bill using the Arizona Legislative Information System (ALIS) - if you do not have an account please let us know; we'll help you establish one.
2. Send an email to the Senate Elections Committee members. We've made it easy for you.
Please do not make phone calls to the committee members at this time. Members have stated they want our input but we need them to hold the bill for reconsideration and at the very least, so amendments can be offered to remove the unnecessary barriers it creates for a problem that really doesn't exist.
Last week, Advocates got TWO bad bills pulled from the House Judiciary Committee agenda. We need your ACTION now. Your emails make the difference.

Read about SB1261 here.