Action Alert: HB2306 in Committee on Thursday

Speak with judiciary members

This Thursday, at 9:00am, we face our first challenge of the 2013 Legislative Session when House Bill 2306 (HB 2306) will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee.

HB 2306 would double the allowable PAC contributions to candidates, thus disregarding limits set by Arizona voters in the Clean Elections Act. Not only does this spurn voters, but it also violates the Voter Protection Act because it does not promote the intent of voters to reign in Big Money influence.

Increasing lobbyist influence over elected officials is not what Arizona voters want.

The prime sponsor for HB 2306, Rep. Eddie Farnsworth, is also the House Judiciary Committee Chairman.

Call Chairman Farnsworth at 602-926-5735 today and ask him to withdraw HB 2306 from Thursday's agenda. Leave a message if needed.

Contact all the Judiciary members before Thursday at 9:00am and tell them:

1. Focus on voters, not donors. Vote NO on HB 2306.

2. Respect voters and their desire to reign in big money influence over our government. Vote NO on HB 2306.

3. Honor Arizona Law and the Voter Protection Act. Vote NO on HB 2306.

Please spread our request and let's stop this first attack on the constitutionally upheld limits set by voters in 1998.

Read about HB2306 here.