Action Alert: Support HB 2575

Support the PROPOSED VOTER VOUCHER PROGRAM as part of comprehensive campaign finance changes for privately financed and Clean Elections candidates.

(HB2575 was introduced but not given a hearing. Voter Voucher program was offered as an amendment to HB2306 which was not heard in the Senate after HB2593 passed increasing only private campaign cash amounts.)

Voter Voucher Program amendment to HB2306 with slight corrections noted below:

  • Candidates must raise 75% of seed money (ARS16-945) and $5 contributions for Clean Elections funding.
  • Base grants reduced for legislative candidates; additional funding available through successful voter engagement:Puts all Clean Elections funding for participating candidates into the hands of Voters.
    • $10,000 Primary plus up to $20,000 in VOTER VOUCHER supplemental funding
    • $15,000 General plus up to $30,000 in VOTER VOUCHER supplemental funding
  • Voters are eligible to give participating candidates who appear on the voter’s ballot a VOTER VOUCHER worth $300 for statewide candidates and $50 for legislative candidates by completing a form and giving it to the candidate who turns it into the CCEC for Clean Elections funding.
  • The maximum number of VOTER VOUCHERS a voter can give equals the number of statewide and legislative offices to vote for on their ballot but only participating candidates can turn them in for Clean Elections funding.
  • Total VOTER VOUCHERS a candidate can turn in for funding is capped at the limit set by voters in the 1998 Clean Elections Act (2X base grant).
  • Voters have VOTER VOUCHERS for the primary and general election.
  • Voters deliver their VOTER VOUCHERS to candidates using a similar form as the $5 qualifying contributions.

Voters win by strengthening Clean Elections with the Voter Voucher program

By requiring candidates to seek votes and funding from their voters within their district and Arizona, candidates must focus on the voters they will represent, not donors.

Read the proposed amendment here.