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Fry's VIP Shopper Rewards

Shop using a Fry's V.I.P. Card and help us raise money! When you select us for Community Rewards in your account, Fry's Food awards AZ Advocacy based on your purchases. This is an added benefit to being a VIP Shopper!

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Vanguard makes it possible to donate appreciated shares of stock or ETF as a tax deductible gift! If you’ve held these or mutual fund shares for over a year, you may gift your shares electronically to the Arizona Advocacy Foundation brokerage account.
We sell them immediately and there is no capital gains tax for either us (the Foundation) or you!

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Amazon Smile makes it so .5% of all your purchases go to Arizona Advocacy Foundation at the same low prices Amazon has to offer. All products on Amazon are available on Amazon Smile. Only items marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” will give a portion in charitable donation. Select Arizona Advocacy Foundation as your Amazon Smile charity.