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ehstEric Ehst is a founding member of Arizona Advocacy Network and AZAN Foundation.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland and spent over twenty years directing the design, development and marketing of jet engines for numerous domestic and international customers.

He recently completed his term as the first male state policy coordinator (president) in the history of Arizona National Organization for Women and served as Executive Director for the Clean Elections Institute.  Eric is active in the Valley Citizen’s League which has a long standing commitment to community affairs and the O’Connor House project for civic discourse. He has served on various committees for the League of Women Voters, The American Association of University Women and the Arizona Conservation Alliance. Eric has run for public office and routinely helps candidates understand current requirements to qualify as a Clean Elections candidate. He is actively engaged in our efforts to protect and strengthen the voter approved Citizen’s Clean Elections Act and other anti-corruption laws.