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Government of, by and for the People

Elizabeth EnrightElizabeth Enright is an experienced Life/Career Coach, Trainer and Writer with a 22 year background that encompasses government and not for profit organizations.

She has experienced first hand the effects of corporate contributions to elected officials who then created regulations, laws and US Trade agreements that benefitted the 1%. 

These political actions resulted in her establishing and leading nationwide career centers operations serving from 100 to 3000 individuals (with her 20 year career total of 30,000 people)  transitioned as a result of US facility closures due to offshore migrations that adversely impacted the 99%.

Elizabeth’s commitment to developing self-reliance and economic independence for the vulnerable surfaced early in her life and utilized her evaluative capacities and creative abilities. She analyzed an urban city’s social service delivery systems, programs and processes. Became leader of an innovative 24 hour crisis hotline agency and expanded its’ role to include recommending-implementing change initiatives that encompassed litigation, drafting new state/local legislation, and developing/deploying internal programs that maximized service delivery with limited budgets. As Treasurer of the Hudson County New Jersey Welfare Board and Charter Study Commissioner (elected) she further honed her negotiating skills by developing/implementing effective low cost program innovations.  

As a HUD Regional and Local Office staffer, she investigated, documented and secured financial compensation for victims of a builder’s racial steering - a first in the nation. She then supervised the management of 5000 units of foreclosed multifamily properties; she settled a 6 year rent strike, designed tenant ownership strategies;  and provided opportunities for residents to increase their income by offering public space for no cost on-site training programs.

She has generated revenues and managed/recruited culturally diverse volunteers for multiple non-profits; directed an urban Shelter for Battered Women and launched/ served as Chairman of the Board of CASA, Newark NJ.  In collaboration with the Newark New Jersey Police Department she developed, implemented, evaluated impact, cost and feasibility of innovative juvenile justice (still in effect today) education and police programs for the National Institute of Justice - Fear Reduction Program Study.

In 1992 she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in New York City following graduation from Rabbi Joseph Gelberman’s New Seminary’s two year Masters of Spiritual Counseling Program. Elizabeth continues to create and officiate at celebrations of life ceremonies and the marriages of couples from diverse religious backgrounds.   

Since 2000 she has been a volunteer with the Foundation for Global Harmony and was an adult leader at their International Youth Peace Conference in Santa Fe.  Travelling to Cambodia in 2004 she participated in the development of former street children’s self reliance and economic independence by launching computer training, organic farming and cultural dance programs.  In November of 2011 she travelled to Japan on a humanitarian journey to assist with meeting the needs of the survivors of Fukushima.  

Elizabeth is looking forward to contributing ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm and with assisting the Board of the Arizona Advocacy Network and AzAN Foundation with meeting their laudatory goals.