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Fall 2013 Progressive Civic Engagement Internship

Offered by Arizona Advocacy Network and AZAN Foundation


Students are encouraged to apply for a 3-credit Fall 2013 internship to experience and promote non-partisan, progressive civic engagement among Arizona university students and the community.  Interns may earn up to a $500 stipend based on successful completion of outlined objectives. Pre-approved expenses are reimbursed.


Applicants must be in good standing with university standards.  The successful applicant must commit, on average, ten hours per week, demonstrate initiative, leadership, communication and organizational skills; be outgoing, able to work with other organizational leaders and promote mutual respect.  Interns will lead hands-on civic engagement, putting democracy in action by achieving these objectives:

1.Organize and lead a monthly forum on campus to inform fellow students about the political process inA successful forum has attendance of at least 10 fellow students, is co-hosted by partnering student organizations and provides an accurate presentation of the topic. Guest speakers are permitted but must be approved by AZANF staff.

Topics are:

  • Arizona’s Citizens’ Clean Elections Act and the documentary film PRICELE$$ (September)
  • Money-in-politics and the documentary film United States of ALEC (October)
  • Voting Rights and Responsibilities with a workshop for conducting voter registration (November)

AZANF staff will advise on each forum and provide training, material and resources for interns to promote and conduct the forums.

2.Voter Registration by conducting voter registration each week on campus.

3.Voter Education by participating in a minimum of one community outreach canvass or program, as made available by AZANF staff, per month.

4.Recruit and Mentor fellow student activists.

5.Effectively interact with state officials on Democracy issues facing Arizona; learn about and use the Arizona Legislative Information System (ALIS), the on-line portal that creates opportunities for citizens to effectively communicate with legislators.

6.Present research and file a report regarding campaign contributions to a selected group of elected officials. Determine if the policies the elected officials are supporting with legislation are related to the campaign contributors or their industry and if such groups actively lobby lawmakers.

Contact our Outreach and Development Coordinator, Jonathan Alanis, for additional information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Applications will be reviewed and phone interviews scheduled with our executive director for selected candidates.  All interns will be required to attend an orientation in August. The date and location will be coordinated after the selection process is completed.