Our 2017 Legislative Report Card

In our first-ever Legislative Report Card, we rated each member of the legislature on their willingness to support measures that expanded access to the ballot, protected the right to vote, mitigated the effects of money in politics, and ensured courts remain fair and independent.

Check out our 2017 Legislative Report Card to see how your members were rated. If you don't know who your members are, you can find out here

There were four legislators that stood out for their work to protect voters and improve our elections: Representative Athena Salman (LD 26), Representative Ken Clark (LD 24), Senator Juan Mendez (LD 26), and Senator Martin Quezada (LD 29). These members were all sponsors of legislation meant to modernize and advance elections, vocal opponents of anti-voter measures, and important leaders in the fights to stop many of the bad bills this session.

Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita (LD 23), Representative Bob Thorpe (LD 6), and Senator John Kavanagh (LD 23)- were just a few of the members that earned failing grades for their promotion of regressive voter identification policies, attacks on the Voter Protection Act, and bills that would further complicate the voting process