Big Victory for Clean Elections vs. Corruption

Back in 2016, the Legislature passed S.B. 1516, a new campaign finance law designed to handcuff the Clean Elections Commission and to open up huge new loopholes for unlimited corporate contributions to candidates. 

We challenged that law. And today, we won a huge victory in Maricopa County Superior Court. Not only did the Court strike down the most offensive provisions of the law, it wrote that they amounted to an unconstitutional attempt by the Legislature to "in essence eradicate the very core of the [Clean Elections] Act." 

As Arizonans, we know Clean Elections is the best tool we have to fight corruption, dark money, and undue corporate influence. "We the People" created Clean Elections because the Legislature had failed in its constitutional duty to ensure our elections are open and honest. In doing so, we changed our state's politics for the better, empowering ordinary Arizonans to run for office, and promoting transparency and confidence in our elections.

That's why we at Arizona Advocacy Network are proud to promote and defend Clean Elections. Today marks a major win for transparency in Arizona. But the fight goes on, and we hope you’ll continue to support our work with a donation today.