10th Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Stay against Politicians


Phoenix, AZ- Late Monday night, Arizona Advocacy Network and fellow interveners secured another victory in their nine-year battle to protect the right of all eligible citizens to register and vote.A three-judge panel in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals extended an order issued by a two judge panel earlier this month, blocking the implementation of unnecessary paperwork to use the federal voter registration form sought by the Arizona and Kansas Secretaries of State.


Sam Wercinski, Executive Director of Arizona Advocacy Network remarked, "The three-judge panel reinforces our belief that the Election Assistance Commission ruled properly on the use of the federal voter registration form in Arizona.”


The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals also granted an expedited hearing to hear arguments on the merits of lawsuit. Wercinski added, “Arizona’s Secretary of State should drop his frivolous lawsuit and turn his attention to publishing the 2014 Election’s Procedure manual so voters can be educated on what fabricated barriers they’ll need to navigate this election. Typically, it is made public in January but it’s possible AG Hornes’ criminal and political problems are causing the delay along with Secretary Bennett’s run for governor.”