Protecting Arizona’s Democracy
one fight at a time


Arizona Advocacy Network and Foundation are devoted to defending and deepening Arizona’s commitment to democracy. We believe the cornerstones of a vibrant democracy are meaningful voting rights and access to the ballot, political decisions driven by voters instead of money, and a fair and independent judiciary.

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“Arizona Advocacy Network is constantly making strides in order to secure a government that is working for the people! This is imperative in a government that goes unpunished for their investments in dark money and bad politics. Thank you, AZaN for always raising awareness of these pressing issues!”

“AzAN does a great job of informing voters, explaining what's happening at the AZ Legislature, protecting voting rights, and advocating for important issues. They are a precious resource in Arizona. If you haven't already, become a member and support their important work.”

“Arizona Advocacy Network has been a leader in helping raise awareness in issues that affect the population. Along with educating and raising awareness to the people of Arizona!”

Our Work

Voting Rights

The right to vote is the most fundamental right in a democracy.

Defending Clean Elections

Clean Elections is constantly under attack from moneyed interests. We're defending it.

Legislative Advocacy

Our 2019 Pro-Democracy Roll Call highlights some of the most proactive bills introduced this session.


When democracy is threatened, fair courts can be our last line of defense.